Keal System Users Group

Purpose of the KSU

The Keal System Users (KSU) group is a Canada-wide user group, established in 1999 to promote and encourage the free exchange of information between users of the Keal Technology family of broker management products.  In 2012, the name changed to Keal System Users (KSU) to accurately reflect our membership and purpose. The KSU board of directors is comprised of brokers from across Canada who bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the group.  

The KSU's mandate is to work with Keal Technology to ensure that members' interests are represented, and to facilitate positive changes in the software products as industry trends and issues change.

In addition, the KSU provides education and awareness to users on a regular basis through formal training and peer to peer sessions.  The KSU promotes the sharing of experiences and strategies related to all aspects of the insurance industry, via conventions, through a custom website and a user based chat group.

TO LEARN MORE ABOUT THE KSU and the BENEFITS OF MEMBERSHIP, please contact any of the board members or the executive director at